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Who from / for whom

Who is Daniel?

2010 photo (Barcelona, Spain) by Pilar Velloso

Born New York City, Bloomsday 1964. Most of my work history can be found in my public LinkedIn profile so I won't repeat that stuff here.

I was bitten very young by the bug of autonomy. More than mere self-reliance, "autonomy" to me meant that I regarded the question of institutions as an essay question, rather than multiple-choice. If I didn't like the products, services, or moral stance of an institution, I could simply make my own.

This attitude led to many experiments in how to bring a small group of people together to pursue a common purpose, preferably in such a way that we could all make a living at it.

My training, if you can call it that, is in software engineering, philosophy and music. So there's my bias: I tend to see structure, and beauty, in just about everything I observe.

For the most part I'm self-taught, but had the great blessing of meeting a few truly gifted teachers along the way. Everything I know about business, I learned by doing. This is great, because it makes it less likely that you might the insights I have to share elsewhere online or in a book.

For Whom is this blog written?

My thoughts, words and (if I can be of service) actions address three groups:

  1. Startists, a specific subgenre of startup entrepreneur I describe here
  2. Investors -- in the broadest possible sense, ranging from individuals pondering KickStarter pledges or financing a friend's or relative's startup, to establishment venture-capital groups
  3. Incubators, Accelerators, and other organizations devoted wholly to the support and encouragement of startups (regardless of whether such support including financing)

Each post is tagged with labels to help people from these different constituencies find content relevant to them. The navigation menu provides a simple shortcut to access all content intended for each audience.

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