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Startup ecosystems: US vs. France (continued)

(Part 2 in a series) Without further ado, the conclusion of the comparison begun in my previous post.


Startup ecosystems: US vs. France

(Part 1 in a series) No surprise, the US enjoys a clear advantage as the world's most fertile nation for startup creation. And the conventional wisdom on France is harsh: high taxes, low job flexibility, a general reluctance to embrace rapid change. But a startup needs to keep one eye on the here & now, and the other on the shape of things to come. The ten-year outlook on France's potential as a startup hotbed may surprise you.

Startup ecosystems: US vs. France: Comparison Methodology

Despite abdicating any claim to objectivity, I still wanted to follow a methodology to give my startup-ecosystem comparison a clear structure. Given the highly-qualitative and very subjective nature of my analysis, I’m not entirely comfortable using the word “methodology” — “recipe” would probably be more appropriate.

To start, I identified the six factors I feel are the most important in evaluating any country as the potential birthplace of a startup.